Have your book recipes tested by teacher / chefs before publication

Get the best of both worlds!

We are 2 chefs who know their way around the kitchen & the science of food

as well as being teachers to home cooks and professionals for over 15 years.

We know how to translate your recipe for the average reader.

Chef & Educator - Pino Ficara

As a trained chef, Pino can assure that your proportions and measurements are correct and as a culinary instructor of amateur cooks, Master Chef contestants and professionals, he can hone your recipes for publication. After his work in NYC restaurant kitchens and with over 15 years experience in culinary education, he is well versed in how the ordinary home cook approaches their kitchen work.

His years of experience in the US, UK, France & Italy as well as extensive work with the Asian market, allow him to understand and identify not only the needs of a global audience but provide you with complimentary foods when what you propose is not available locally.
He is a great choice to translate your recipe to function world-wide.

Curious and food science based, Pino takes the time needed to verify what you offer your readers will work in any kitchen your book ends up.

Sfoglina & Teacher - Julia Ficara

If you are writing a book about hand made pastas, Julia can verify that your proportions are correct for a variety of flours and hydration sources as well as review descriptions of how to use hands and tools to best illustrate how to work for amateurs and professionals alike.
Her 10+ years experience at the pasta table and years of teaching home cooks & aspiring pros makes her uniquely qualified to help transmit what you want your reader to achieve.

Additionally, through her own research and her collaboration with the
Pasta Grannies project, her repertoire has grown to an impressive 80 different hand produced pastas, from the most popular to the least well known.

To see a dedicated set of imagery of what she does, goto
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Elizabeth Hewson "I could not have had the confidence to write Saturday Night Pasta without the guidance, knowledge and mentorship of Sfoglina Julia and Chef Pino. They helped me hone my skills and were always on hand to answer any questions I had about pasta making. Julia also lent her expertise to the final manuscript, reading through the book ensuring all facts, steps and descriptions were correct. This helped wipe any pre-publishing jitters about releasing my book to the world.
I highly recommend working with Grano & Farina on all parts of the book writing process."