specialty cooking classes include breads, pizza, risotto, butchery, knife skills, charcuterie, olive oil tastings and chocolate making


The magic of just 4 ingredients! Flour, water, yeast and salt.

The goal of this class is to learn the fundamentals of baking bread.

We will talk about how to choose your flour, why water is important, different yeasts, ratios and proportions, fermentation times and other details that will help you master the art of bread making at home.


The class is 100% hands-on. You will learn all the steps required to prepare your dough, shape it and bake the following :​ French Baguettes, Italian Focaccia, Whole Wheat loaf or Brioche​

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

"....That's amore!"

I was always told that making Neapolitan-style pizza at home was impossible. So years ago, I accepted the challenge and after multiple tests have found a formula for a crusty pie that’s almost as good as one from a wood-fired oven.


This class is 100% hands-on and you will be learning all the steps needed to make the dough and prepare a sauce for the following items : Pizza Napoletana & Pizza Romana

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

What's a good pasta without a great sauce?

Learn to make 3 seasonal sughi that are the base of Italian first courses like :

Puttanesca [Tomato based], Bolognese [Meat Based], Alfredo [Dairy based], Gorgonzola e Noci [Cheese based], Pesto [Veggie based] 

Accompanying your sauce making will be a demonstration of hand rolled fresh pasta.

You will taste three different pastas with the sauces you prepare.

Gluten Free (apart from the pasta)

In this class you learn how to choose the rice for each risotto recipe you make, prepare vegetable, chicken & fish stocks from scratch and make 3 perfect risottos; creamy & al dente + tips on how not to spend 40 minutes away from your guests!

Recipes for this class include :
Risotto alle Zucchine or other seasonal vegetable, Risotto alla Milanese (with saffron and Parmigiano) & Risotto ai Gamberetti (with seared shrimp and parsley)

A tasting of all three will follow, accompanied by a glass of wine that pairs well with each.

Gluten Free

Stay sharp!​   We bet you already have a few good knives in your kitchen drawers. If you do, then it's high time you learned how to keep them properly and put them to good use.


In this hands-on class, you will learn how to : ​ sharpen knives with a japanese stone and a honing tool & properly handle razor-sharp blades. Debone and portion your choice of a chicken or a rabbit, or butterfly a pork tenderloin and filet a fish. We will also go over all the standard french cuts for cutting and dicing vegetables.

Gluten Free

Learn the fundamentals of charcuterie!


Choose the right cut of meat and quality of fat. 
Calculate the salt and spice proportions. 
Learn the mixing methods, seasoning tests and how to prepare pork sausages, pâté en croûte and a chicken Galantine.
A tasting of the recipes will follow, and you can take home all your creations!

Partly Gluten Free

For chocolate lovers, this lesson is a dream come true.
You will learn how to melt, temper and mould dark chocolate; prepare silky ganaches and create beautiful bonbons.

Some examples other creations may include :​ Chocolate spheres & Truffles to name a few ...

Vegetarian Friendly & Gluten Free

"Don't drizzle, pour!" - This is Johnny's motto.

Good olive oil comes in many different varieties, flavors and hues. So how do we know which one to pick?

Join our master oil sommelier Johnny Madge for a 2-hour course that takes the mystery out of selecting olive oil.

You will learn the tasting method Johnny uses when judging in international competitions like 'Olive Japan' and 'Athena' thus learning how to evaluate an oil in all its complexity. The class includes 6 varieties from around Italy.


Accompanying the lesson will be an 'aperitivo' with specially selected foods to enhance your experience. You can expect Chef Pino's focaccia plus cheese, cured meats & veggies accompanied by a glass of wine.

What better way to start your evening!

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly & Partly Gluten Free

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