Looking at this selection of chef's knives, the average home cook might feel a bit overwhelmed. It's not essential to have each and every one so here is a run down of the basic collection Chef Pino feels one should have in your kitchen drawer.

How to identify the knife you need in the kitchen

-A paring knife is the most versatile option for peeling and mincing small items like garlic, shallots and olives.

-A chef knife is your all purpose knife that will allow you to chop and cut anything from large vegetables to cheeses and meats.

-A boning knife is essential for both deboning and carving poultry, lamb and beef.

-A filet knife being more flexible than the boning knife is perfect not just for fish but also for thin slicing of salmon or prosciutto.

The honing steel is for daily maintenance of your blades but watch out! If you don't know how to properly use it you could damage your knives.

A must that is not in the above image is a japanese whetstone which keeps your blades sharp and should be used every 1-2 months for home cooks.

But don't try this on your own without experience. Find a knife skills and sharpening course near you OR next time you are in Rome, join Chef Pino in his Knife Skills or Charcuterie classes to learn and practice these techniques as well as taste what you have prepared with a nice glass of wine!