Spätzle [ˈʃpɛtslə] (Swabian diminutive of Spatz, thus literally "little sparrow"), or Knöpfle

(diminutive of button), also Spätzli or Chnöpfli in Switzerland is a type of pasta made with fresh eggs and found in the cuisines of northern eastern Italy, southern Austria, Germany, Switzerland as well as Hungary, Slovenia, the Alsace and Moselle regions of France.

Spätzle typically accompany meat dishes prepared with an abundant sauce or gravy. In Hungary spätzle often are used in soup. But you will find sweet versions as well such as : Kirschspätzle: Spätzle mixed with fresh cherries, dressed with clarified, browned butter, sugar and cinnamon and/or nutmeg or Apfelspätzle: Spätzle with grated apples in the dough, dressed with clarified, browned butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Source : Wikipedia edited

YIELD​ : 4 servings

PREP TIME​ : 20-30mins

LEVEL : Easy


250g Flour ‘00’

3 eggs

50-100g water




You will need a spätzle maker [or on of the following: potato ricer, colander, or slotted spoon] and butter and cheese or ciboulette to dress the finished product.

Mix your dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

Add the wet ingredients [all the eggs and add water as needed to make a thick paste] and mix well until smooth.

Use the spätzle maker to drop/grate the ‘dough paste’ directly into salted boiling water.

If you don’t have this utensil you can use a potato ricer with large holes, a colander, or slotted spoon - what you are looking for is anything with small holes that can control the size of the drops of ‘dough’.

Remove from the water when they float using a mesh strainer or skimmer.

FInish in a pan with butter and other garnish or condiment of your choice.


Spätzle maker

pouring your dough into the maker scraping the mixture into the boiling water

Spätzle by hand - scraping off a small cutting board

Spätzle using a colander

Spätzle using whatever holed utensil you have to make drops