KRUMIRI di Casale


di Chef Pino
Krumiri de Casale

Krumiri are a kind of biscuit regarded as the particular delicacy of Casale Monferrato, a city in north-west Italy. They were invented in 1878 by the confectioner Domenico Rossi and are made without water from wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla, in the form of a slightly bent, rough-surfaced cylinder.

This handlebar shape is said to have been chosen in honour of the extravagant moustache of Victor Emanuel II, the first king of united Italy.

They are best eaten with—or dunked in—tea, coffee, liqueur, wine, zabaione, etc

Source : Wikipedia (edited)

YIELD​ : about 30 cookies

PREP TIME​ : 1 hour

LEVEL : Medium


150g soft butter

170g icing/powdered sugar 15g honey

1g salt

1 egg (about 55g)

75g whole milk

4g baking powder

435g wheat a.p. flour, or rice flour

(can also be 50%-50% wheat and corn)


Preheat the oven at 180C/350F. Whisk flour and baking powder together (sift if necessary), set aside. Mix together salt and sugar, set aside.

In the bowl of a standup mixer fitted with the whisk attachment put soft butter, sugar and honey and start at medium speed until fluffy.

Whisk egg and milk and add to the mixer.

Keep mixing until well incorporated, stop and scrape a few times to make sure there's no chunks of unmixed butter at the bottom of the bowl. Stop and gradually start incorporating the flour by hand, with a spatula. Mix until well incorporated but avoid overworking the dough.

Prepare a pastry bag fitted with a star tip, fill it with the batter (not all at once or it'll be hard to squeeze) and pipe on a tray lined with parchment paper.

Classic shape is a as shown in photo.

Freeze for 10 minutes. Bake immediately for 12 minutes then transfer baked cookies on a cooling rack.