CAVAIUOLI, or Cavajuol

CAVAIUOLI, or Cavajuol, are a specialty of Santagata di Puglia, a small hill town on the Campagna border not far from Foggia. It's a recipe for ravioli that Chef Pino's family has been making for generations and is a surprising combination of sweet and salty all in one dish.


PREP TIME : 2 Hours


for the pasta

400g '00' flour

3 55g eggs out of their shell

55g water

for the filling

300g ricotta cheese drained

3 flat tablespoons of sugar

1 heaping tablespoon of grated parmigiano cheese


Start by mixing up your pasta ingredients and kneading your dough for 10 minutes to achieve the elasticity needed to stretch and give when forming your ravioli. When you are done kneading put it in plastic without air and lay aside for 20-30 minutes while you make your filling.

It is best to have drained your ricotta in a strainer for at least 6 hours to remove any excess liquid. Mix the filling ingredients and taste to see if you like the sweetness. Adjust to your taste and you have the option of adding nutmeg and or parsley if you feel creative. Set aside, covered, in the fridge until you are ready to use.

Roll out your pasta dough with a rolling pin or pasta machine to the thickness you like for your ravioli. In santagata they keep them fairly thick but you can decide how you like them. Wh

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