french and italian pastries, croissant, cornetto, tiramisu, crostata, choux or puff pastry macarons

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Italians love their treats! 

There's a sweet for every occasion in this country of "la dolce vita".
Learn to make 4-5 classic Italian desserts like the ones you find in both restaurants and pasticcerie.

Some examples of what this class may include : Semifreddo, Tiramisù, Torta di Ricotta & Pannacotta​ 

Vegetarian Friendly

We all love our Nonna and what's a better memory than her homemade snacks.

In this course you will revisit classic grandma recipes used all over Italy to the delight of kids of all ages.

Simple cakes and cookies that are easy to whip up for the Sunday meal, an afternoon treat or when company arrives.

Some examples of what this class will include : Crostata, Zuppa Inglese, Biscotti​, Ciambellone ...

Vegetarian Friendly

Ever wonder why European breakfasts differ from Italy to France? 

In this class we will settle the confusion. These two identical looking pastries are both delicious but different on the inside and for different reasons. You will learn all the steps to make both an Italian Cornetto, French Croissant & more...

The layered dough also lends itself to : Saccottini or Pain au Chocolat, Pain aux Raisins and an Apple Danish

Vegetarian Friendly

This dough is simply magic.

Pasta Bigné (or cream puff dough) is the lightest of creations and a must for astounding desserts and savoury appetisers alike.


In this class you will learn all the steps required to prepare several items like : Zeppole, Chouquettes, Religieuse, Éclairs ...

Vegetarian Friendly

The French are well known for their sophisticated and perfectly beautiful pastries.

In this class you will learn to make 4-5 classic french desserts that will cap off any meal with a grand finale.

Some examples of what this class may include : Crème Brûlée​, Mousse au Chocolat, Madeleines à l'orange, Soufflés ...

Vegetarian Friendly

Originally from Venice, these colorful sweets are now the symbol of Parisian Patisserie thanks to LaDurée and Pierre Hermé.

In this class you will learn the history of their italian origins and the procedure for achieving perfectly smooth shells and delightfully delicious fillings you can reproduce at home for your next special event.

Vegetarian Friendly

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