pasta lessons in rome, pasta by hand, no machines allowed, bolognese technique and long rolling pin usage

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

In this class you learn several techniques for making water based pastas. No eggs and no rolling in this course.

You will produce 5-6 different shapes using your hands, a scraper, a knife, a skewer and a gnocchi board as well as make 2 sauces to taste your pasta with. By the time you finish, you'll be able to confidently prepare fresh pasta at home in 30 mins or less!

Maccheroni a descita [Puglia], Malloreddus [Sardegna], Cavatelli [Molise],  Orecchiette [Puglia], Busiate [Sicily] & Maccheroni al ferretto [Calabria] 

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

Learn to make egg based pasta using a 110 cm long rolling pin like a real Emiliana sfoglina. No machines allowed here!

You will make 3-4 types of long flat pasta employing this traditional Bolognese method as well as 2 sauces to accompany your tasting. By the time you finish, you will have the foundations for making delicious egg pasta by hand.


Tagliolini, Tagliatelle & Fettuccine [Nord e Centro Italia], Pappardelle [Toscana], Garganelli or Sorpresine [Emilia-Romagna]

Vegetarian Friendly

What's better than home-made ravioli or tortellini?

In this course you will learn to make 3-4 forms of pasta filled with either a meat or a ricotta mixture.

In addition to discussing the main pasta ingredients of flour and eggs, we will go over recipes for the fillings used and talk about accompanying sauces and broths. A tasting of what you have made will follow using 2 sauces your prepare with Chef Pino.


Tortellini & Tortelloni [Bologna], Ravioli [throughout Italy] , Cavaiuoli [Puglia], Casoncelli [Lombardia] and more....

This class contains PORK

In Italy, tradition says you eat potato Gnocchi on Thursdays.

It is attributed to the catholic observance of having something substantial the day before 'going light' on Fridays when ritual dictates fish. In keeping with this fun cultural fact, we propose Thursdays {as well as Tuesdays and Saturdays ] for Gnocchi making.

In addition to the well known potato based version, you will learn to make N'dunderi from the Amalfi coast [ricotta cheese base] and Gnocchi alla Romana [semola flour and dairy mix] as well as taste your creations with 2 sauces you prepare with Chef Pino.

Vegetarian Friendly

Gricia, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara & Amatriciana*

These 4 Roman recipes are famous the world over. If you eat out in the capital, you will see them on every menu.

In this class you will make 4 pastas by hand as well as the sauces listed above.

Come with an empty belly ! We will not only fill you up but provide you with a full menu of authentic Roman dishes.

* In addition to promoting local cuisine, we donate 10% of the proceeds of this class to the City of Amatrice for earthquake relief & rebuilding.

3 out of 4 recipes contain PORK

For those who already have a grasp of the standard hand made pastas and are curious about other regional specialties, this is the course for you.  In association with the PASTA GRANNIES project, we take you on a journey from the Alps to the toe of the boot and the islands too!

Examples of what you learn to make with accompanying sauces may include :

Spâtzle [Trentino], Pizzòccheri [Lombardia], Corzetti [Liguria], Passatelli [Romagna-Marche], Cappelletti (Le Marche), Maritati [Puglia] ... and so much more. Recipes change with the seasons.

Can be made Vegetarian Friendly

What better way to get to know Italy's second largest island than to take a culinary tour with us.

Learn to make 4 traditional Sardinian pastas : Lorighittas, Culurgionis, Malloreddus and Fregula, along with 2 sauces, one tomato based and another fish based.

A tasting will follow that will give you a tour of this island's rich culinary history.

Vegetarian Friendly

Want to improve your manual skills and technique or just up your production speed?

Then join sfoglina Julia for 2 hours of guided pasta making. This is NOT A LESSON but a lot of time to come practice what you already know with tips if needed. Go home with the product you make for dinner.

All basic pasta ingredients (flour, eggs, water & salt) and pasta making tools provided with the exception of filled pastas.

If you would like to practice filled pastas the price will change to reflect the filling ingredients costs.

Coffee, tea, water and biscotti available on site.

Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

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