Cooking classes in Trastevere, Rome, Italy. Pasta lessons, pastry lessons, pizza making, bread baking, butchery, chocolate, Olive Oil tasting and pairing - EVOO & more. Languages spoken : English, French or Italian

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes held?

All lessons are held in a purpose built lab at street level in the centrally located neighborhood of Trastevere. We are a 15min walk south of the Vatican or 10min walk across the river from Campo dei Fiori and easily reachable by public transport, taxi or foot. Go to our About us / Location page to see an interactive google map under our bios.

What language do you teach in?

WE TEACH IN ENGLISH, ITALIANO & FRANÇAIS ! When you book, you tell us what languages you speak. Generally, the first client to book a class determines the language of the course. However, we do accomodate people from different countries in the same lesson and can give the class in all three languages we speak.

How many people are in each class?

DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS Our group classes range from 2 to 6 students, there is a minimum of 2 to participate. We like to keep our lessons small and intimate so that each student gets the time they need with the teacher to master technique. If you have a larger group - up to 10 - please contact us via email to see what options we can offer you.

I’m not an experienced cook, is this suitable for me?

Our classes are designed to accommodate all levels. We work regularly with amateurs, passionate cooks and professionals alike. All of our lessons are 100% hands-on because getting 'dirty' is part of the fun. We believe active participation by all students solidifies the learning experience and makes for better memories.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your enthusiasm and excitement to learn! Because we work with our hands in pasta and sticky doughs most of the time, we ask you to leave all rings, watches and jewelry at home or be prepared to take them off for the lesson. Please wear comfortable, close toed shoes since items can fall of tables and we don't want to risk your feet getting hurt. If you have long hair, we ask that you pull it up and away so it does not end up in the food. All other equipment like aprons and utensils are provided.

Do I get a copy of the recipes?

Yes! No need to take notes while you work. In fact, we prefer that you give us your undivided attention in class. We will provide you with all recipes, tips, imaagery and step by step instructions on what you learned in class in PDF format via email within 48 hours of your time with us.

How do I book a class?

As of April 2020 and until further notice: PLEASE CHECK the CALENDAR page to see what is already scheduled. ⟫⟫ If you see the lesson you want already listed, go to the booking page, find and select the lesson and fill in the request form as prompted. ⟫⟫ If you do not see the class on the calendar, follow the instructions below: To BOOK an ONLINE class - ALL classes are listed in ROME TIME - CET (central european time). Please calculate your time zone accordingly to know if the slot listed will work for you. You will need at least 4 days to shop for all tools and ingredients to be ready for class. We will send you the info needed when you book and pay for your lesson. ⟫⟫ Choose the lesson you want from the ONLINE category and request your space choosing the dates and times available. If you do not see the space, time or date you like, please email us your request.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

If you have special requests, dietary requirements or allergies, you will be able to let us know in the booking form. If you are a true celiac, we do not recommend you take classes with us. No matter how well we clean, we can not make the environment totally flour free. There will always be a risk of contamination.

Deposits & Payments

DUE TO COVID We no longer require a deposit to block your desired date[s]. We will reserve your class and ask for a hard confirmation, proof of vaccination and payment only 48 hours before the lesson. Payments can be made using a payment link through SumUP that we send you. IN NON COVID TIMES A deposit of 50€ per person per class is requested unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon. You will be asked to make this initial payment when booking. Payments can be made using a payment link through SumUP. You can use any major credit card. We can also send you bank information for a direct trasnfer if you prefer. The balance is due on the day of your lesson and can be paid in cash or by credit card on the premises.

Cancellations & Refunds

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for details.

Do you offer vegetarian and vegan lessons?

Yes! We have classes that can accomodate vegetarians and vegans. You can see which ones in the descriptions of the lessons. Please be aware that we will always try to accomodate our clients needs but not all our lessons can be transformed so ask if you are unsure the lesson you want will be in a format that works for you.

Do you offer gluten free classes? And what about Celiacs?

We do not offer gluten free classes but you will find some lessons that do not contain wheat products. True CELIACS SHOULD NOT consider a class at our school due to the heavy presence of flour particles found throughout our location. Even if we clean the space multiple times, there would still be flour residue left over and we wouldn't want you to get sick.

Can we bring our kids?

Kids ages 16-18 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately we do not work with under 16's for insurance reasons. Our kitchen has many sharp corners, hot stoves, sharp knives and tables and chairs that can not be easily adapted to child height. We hope you will have occasion to come back to Rome for a class when everyone is a bit older.

How does it work?

DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS We are a small school with only two teachers offering one group class per day. Spaces are limited because we keep our lessons to a max of 4-6 people. We recommend you book as soon as possible to not loose a space in your first choice. Our booking are FIRST TO CHOOSE DECIDES THE DAYS LESSON. Only in special cases and on rare occasions do we offer a second lesson on the same day and more times than not, the second class is private with different pricing.