how we work

We are an instructional school that offers one class per day tuesday to saturday at 10am

with the exception of thursdays when we start at 2pm.

Most of our classes last 4 hours - there are some exceptions - you will find class times listed

in the class descriptions under 'book a class' in the above menu.

You will also find details on each lesson when you click on the title on the 'classes' page.

All of our lessons are small groups of up to 6 students with no minimum required number to attend.

Because we offer 22 lessons and can not organize them all in 5 days;

the first client to reserve an 'available to book' day is the one who determines what we will be teaching.

For this reason it is best to book sooner than later if you do not have a flexible time table while in Rome.

If you do not see the date you want for the class you desire in the booking system

please consult our calendar page to see what IS available on the day you would like to cook with us.

For further information please consult the FAQ page listed above and below.



Julia & Pino

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