HEAD CHEF & Co-Owner

Italian born and raised, Pino trained as a Chef in French Culinary Arts & Pâtisserie in the USA at the Institute of Culinary Education, NYC.

With over 20 years experience in the profession, Chef Pino has worked in some of NYC's best restaurants (11Madison pastry dept and Del Posto to name a few), he has run his own catering company, been a chef for private clients & a professor of Culinary Education in Paris, London, Tuscany and the South of France. His passion for cooking started early and was (as with most Italians) honed in his mother's kitchen. His shared love of food with wife and partner Julia permeates the school and its lessons.


American born and raised, Julia arrived in Italy 30 years ago for a career in film and photography. After 10 years in advt, she spent 17 years as a working photographer until a back injury made carrying the camera equipment difficult. Husband and partner Chef Pino took her to Bologna for a class in traditional sfoglia rolling by hand and the rest is history. 

With over 10 years experience producing and teaching hand rolled pasta; Julia has expanded her pasta making knowledge thanks to her collaboration with the Pasta Grannies project.

With her repertoire of over 80 different hand made pastas, her promotion of pasta culture & tradition is a given.


Our purpose built professional kitchen in the heart of Rome offers you space to work individually

or in group in comfort.


All of our work tables are restaurant grade stainless steel allowing for easy and consistent disinfection between lesson modules & classes. 

Our hand washing areas are outfitted 'hands free' zones for safer hygiene and we are equipped with a restaurant grade dishwasher that sterilizes every load.

Our tasting area comfortably seats 6 at a round table and for events, like EVOO and Wine Tasting & Pairings (8-10) our work tables make a large square space at which students stand.

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