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Adults only cooking lessons - age 16 & above welcome
For all in person classes, a COVID certification is required.


We believe understanding the science

of food and how & why recipes work,

help you cook better.

This knowledge gives you confidence in the kitchen & allows you to troubleshoot when dishes don't come out quite right.

We also believe that giving you historical background on the dishes, gives context to where traditions come from, why certain ingredients are used & why they are held onto so tightly.


In our classes we want you to taste

the variety Italy has to offer.

The products we have chosen are meant to reacquaint you with the freshness and aromas you get from locally grown foods.

All of the recipes, methods & techniques we transmit come from the 'comune' where they originated.

Our goal is to uphold the Italian traditions championed by organisations like SlowFoodColdiretti & CampagnaAmica


We have developed a network of local farmers, millers & dairy producers in addition to other organic suppliers from who we regularly get our products.

We give back to the local communities we work with through an exchange of services as well as annual donations.

We are a small, family run Italian company that supports the regional

& national economy by promoting

Italian gastronomic culture.

how we work

We are an instructional school that offers one, in person class per day as well as a selection of online lessons.

Most of our in person classes last 4 hours (there are some exceptions) and our online lessons are 1-2 hours.

You will find all details & prices for each lesson when you click on the class title.

All our in person services accomodate 1 to 6 adults students with no minimum number required to attend.

Our online lessons allow for up to 10 students, however some can be smaller or require a min # of participants.

Our occasional free online events are set up for a max of 50 guests.


We offer our lessons in 3 languages : english, french or italian and when necessary, we teach bi & tri lingually.

We urge you to consult the CLASS CALENDAR to see what is being offered when you are available.

If you don't see a scheduled class, you can choose & book through CLASSES & BOOKING or email us.

Because of our class sizes, we recommend you book sooner than later to not loose your place.

For further information please consult the FAQ pages.


Sfoglina Julia & Chef Pino